A# Sharp Recording Studio



Jeff!Established 1987.

A Sharp is one of the few studios worked and operated by the owner. It is also one of the few big studios (but at a small studio cost) left in Sydney, with 4 separate recording areas.

A Sharp boasts two producer/engineer/musicians who between them have a wealth of experience as songwriters, drummer, guitarists, bass players, keyboard player, singers and programmers. And all this expertise is included in the hourly rate!!

A# Sharp has engineered and produced over 300 CDs, and over 1,000 Demo's, with hands-on guidance – not just button pushing. This amounts to a hell of a lot of experience shaping songs, nurturing musicians, creating sounds and getting the job done!!

A# Sharp offers 100% accountability. We are committed to giving you the best quality recording at a (very) reasonable price.

And the music? There's no point putting out songs that don't have "The Thing". Every song that comes out of A# Sharp has an attitude; whether it be tender or tough – groove or grunge – they all have "it". Our focus is on the music, the performance and giving you a quality product.





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