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“Run like the best of tight ships, A# Sharp Studio, under the patient ears of Jeff Cripps, prospective clients should know that the way things are done there not only guarantee a great product but will save you money. For a start, all the projects are “planned” ahead of start time, thereby reducing the amount of time consumed by “surprises in the studio”. At A# Sharp quality is always of first importance, consistent high quality production the pledge. A# Sharp engineer/producers are not merely button-pushers, but actively get involved in the projects and ensure the performances are the best possible from the artist/band and ensures the final product is what you want – and probably better.”
Drum Media

Even if I had a one of your WONDERFUL Neumann Mic's, it would not replace the kind of hands on, pleading, bullying, cajoling, demanding, positive reinforcement you gave provide to get the best possible vocal performance from me. For that I thank you.
Peter Henderson

Recording at A Sharp was an excellent experience! Jeff Cripps has a great work ethic and really did get the best out of us.  We had use of the best in-house guitar amps and guitars and we achieved the sound we wanted and under budget. Thank you A Sharp.
Steve Barnes c/- Supercharger

Hi Jeff, we just wanted to thank you for your time, good energy and great input over the last few days. Thanks for your attention to detail and hard work beyond the call of duty! We know that with your help in this, we’re on our way.
The Seltic Sirens

Hey Jeff, I've read the articles you wrote on the website and also the emails I get every now and then and they have been very insightful, interesting and also shows people that you are one of the few, out of the countless sound engineers, who actually give a damn about the clients. I'm sure others who read the articles on the site will realise that too and the hits will keep pumping out at A Sharp.
Jung Mo Koo

Hi Jeff, I was amazed to find in our CD collection here a recording by the band the Namedroppers. They recorded in your studio many many years ago. The quality of the recording was incredible. The sort of thing you would expect from say Abbey Road Studios in London. Yet it was from Riverwood in Sydney. Everyone here was totally blown away by the brilliant standard of recording.
Phil Smith - Moss Vale CD exchange

Hey Jeff, a big thank you from all of us from Mr Malarkey - Orion, Jas, Tom and me Fi. We love the songs! You have done a fantastic job! Thanks for all your hard work, great suggestions and good sense of humour! The whole recording experience was a real pleasure from start to finish. We are all very happy and will definitely be back to record more.
Mr Malarkey

Jeff, Good Onya! I have had the pleasure to review several of your productions including, Anni Piper, The Cosh, Henry Correy and your own Mississippi Shakedown. Your production, and mixing is world class and when I happen to return to Oz, I will look forward to booking a recording session with you. Cheers.
Sticks Randall USA

After recording their last 2 CDs in Nashville and selling 35,000 copies of their last single, The Wolverines decided to record their new CD in Australia (at A# Sharp) and this is what they had to say:

Hi Jeff.... thanks for a great job. You'll be pleased to know that while we were mastering the new CD, one of the engineers in Sony Music Studios was heard bragging to his fellow engineer about how good that "Nashville" sound is, referring to your mix of the new album 'Wolverines & Roses" (everyone from Willy Nelson to Metallica records in Nashville these days). Paul later let him know that the CD was actually recorded at A# Sharp Studio and was in fact an Australian mix! Thought you'd be interested in that one.

Sonic and instrument balance perfect for this music. Best instrumental album in memory. Deserves international acclaim and congratulations to all involved in attaining this amazing result.
Don Bartley - Australia’s No. 1 mastering guy for 20 years – Alanis Morrisette, Cold Chisel, Powderfinger, Paul Kelly, etc.

"Production was head and shoulders above what I've heard all year (1995)"
John Woodruff, Manager, Baby Animals

"The production values are first class - crisp and clean and equal to anything coming out of the big studios, either here or in Nashville."
Total Country Magazine

"It's the cleanest demo we've ever heard"
AVA Booking Agency

"You have the ability to turn lead into gold"
Peter Jansson, Publisher

"A# Sharp stands out as one of the few studios that can achieve the clean, warm and natural sound we are looking for."
Ian MacKay - Owner, Southland Music

"A good studio is one that delivers good quality recordings with realistic sounds and is consistent. A# Sharp achieves this; Jeff's recordings always have that special something that I like - it's a sound."
Paul Bryant, Paul Bryant Mastering

"You've got a great recording room with a natural live sound - and at a really competitive rate"
Dave Warner, recording artist, author DJ, Kick AM

"A# Sharp Studio captures the uniqueness of original Australian music with the sound quality it deserves."
Brad Simms, Warhead Records

"A# Sharp Studio ... glorious, slickly and consistently produced, scorching stereo"
CD Review - Drum Media

"Now, to the magic of this CD! Firstly, enough can't be said of the excellent engineering of Jeff Cripps at A Sharp Studios"
(Third Degree CD review) The Blues Times

"From the first few bars of this CD you know The Bellhops have a winner ... the production from A# Sharp Studios' Jeff Cripps is noteworthy for clarity and presence."
(The Bellhops CD review) Rhythms Magazine

"The feedback I have received from some of the other performers on this C.D. is that the A# Sharp track is the smoothest and best produced - full marks for an excellent job"
The Society of Australian Songwriters - Compilation CD

"When we send our songwriters to A# Studios to record their demos and finals we're confident they'll be treated like human beings, they'll get a great sound, competitive rates and be offerred valuable creative input."
Kerry Lambe, Creative Options Music Workshops

"These guys really know how to party! And, given the originality utilized (even on the covers) my vote is 4 stars for a superbly produced (by Jeff Cripps and The Bellhops) outing with good sound quality. Let's hope there's more to come!"
D. Robertson - Real Blues Magazine Can/US

"To say that the music contained on this CD is a sheer joy for the listener is an understatement... From the first beat of the opening instrumental, "How About You", with its swinging, jivey feel, you know you are in good hands on this recording."
Greg Fisher, "Jazz Views" From Adelaide

"Mumma Green recorded the new EP in mid '97 at Zen Studios but on completion decided to scrap the whole thing and start again.
The band left Zen studios and returned to A# Sharp Studios where they recorded a song for the Sutherland Shire Compilation, with producer Jeff Cripps, which was then
mastered by Paul Bryant.
Mumma Green are now "fully stoked" with the new and fresh sound of their EP."


“I just wanted to let you know that the demos we recorded with you last month have done good things for us!!... we really enjoyed our session with you and we’re very happy with those big fat warm sounds that we all love!!! We’ve been picked up by a booking agent and it looks like there are a lot of gigs for us on the horizon.
Thanks for the help and good work!!”

Peter Darby, The Clevelands

“A brilliant debut CD... yet another fine release that has been recorded by Jeff Cripps of A# Sharp Recording Studio who has produced some mighty fine work for the local Blues scene over the past few years.”
Finn CD (Drum Media)

“On behalf of the Lemon Squeezin’ Daddies I just want to say a big thanks for all your help. Apart from the final result which is great, we all enjoyed the process and both admired and were very grateful for your professionalism. Your confidence and technical skills made it a pleasure to work with you and we all had a ball.”
The Lemon Squeezin’ Daddies

I don’t refer people to many studios in sydney because I cannot guarantee the results, I give people jeffs number when I know the budgets tight and they need a professional, in my opinion jeff is working way too hard for the money, its client satisfaction that I depend upon at my end, I think jeff and I went to different schools together. (sic)
Rick O’Neil, Turtlerock Mastering

Thanks for your great assistance and professionalism... I was quite impressed.
Mick Morris (General Manager Channel 9)

“I’m a big Crippsy fan. The studio and the results speak for themselves. The difference with this studio, is Jeff Cripps. He has knowledge, he has wisdom. He’s listened, really listened to all the great recordings and is well read in the ways of the world’s greatest producers. Ask him questions, he’ll give you answers. He’s also musician. Jeff is patient and willing to offer professional friendly advice. A good recording comes from a comfortable environment and that’s what Jeff engenders”.
Andrew Abbott, Instant Karma

Hi Jeff... Thanx again for the efforts on taking our band to the next level. You have truly captured the sound we were after. Your expertise & attention to detail was exceptional. We will definitely be back again.



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