May 2016

Interview with the songwriter and singer Josh Paul

Josh Paul, Singer songwriter, business owner and who just spends time in Nashville and Sydney writing for other artists.

Songwriter Josh Paul owns a rehearsal and production studio in Homebush West called Arthur Street Studios. What’s interesting is how this reserved songwriter set up Arthur Street Rehearsal Studios and spends time flying between Nashville and Sydney writing for quite a few interesting artists in the industry. We thought we’d catch up and ask him a few questions.

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The ever changing face of our Industry – 2015 ARIA Released Wholesale figures

2015 saw the biggest increase in Australian music industry revenue according to ARIA. This revenue increase has been driven by an increase in the number of online audio streaming services.

ARIA announced a 5% increase of Australian recorded music since 2012 which amounts to an increased value to $333.8 million. During the same period, music download load sites (such as iTunes) showed decline.

These subscription based services, (Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Apple Music, etc.) now accounts for 62% of the music streaming market which has doubled from $23 million to $46 million in the same period, whilst streaming revenue increased significantly from $31.9 million to 71.1 million (source ABC news & ARIA).

The situation is also true globally; the IFPI (The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) stated on 13th April 2016 that global revenues in 2015 overtook physical for the first time by 3.2%.

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Interview with Adam Weston of FireStarter Distribution

Firestarter Distribution is refreshing news for Independent Australian Artists. With a wide range of services, Firestarter can help artists with defining a promotional strategy, digital/physical distribution and even help with the servicing of media and radio industries. We caught up with Adam Weston, drummer of the Iconic Australian band, Birds Of Tokyo, to find out more how he and his wife Heidi created Firestarter Distribution and made it what it is today.

  1. How did the idea of Firestarter Music begin, what were Heidi and your reasons and motivation for starting up such a business venture?

Heidi had actually started Firestarter in Perth before I met her and at that time was more about being a point of contact/manager for a friend’s band but then quickly moved towards promoting launches and events for others. That was way back at the start of the millennium!

Once I came on board I was already playing in a few bands and was literally going out to shows four or five nights a week. Like most people I figured that if I wanted more opportunities I should start creating them myself. Teaming up with Heidi meant we could focus on a small roster of bands where we’d provide label type services along with bookings.

Back in those days before Unearthed and social media it seemed there was a bit more time for artists to develop. Bands really slogged it out at a local level before feeling the need to throw themselves at radio or what not straight away. Not that anyone would have complained with early spins, but the general emphasis for us was to book shows that would garner positive feedback/reviews and become the building blocks of landing key support slots and festival appearances. Then when it was time to start touring it meant engaging with industry and media on a national level.

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Interview with the singer ILUKA

We’ve been stoked to have ILUKA back in the A Sharp Studios recording some great new material. ILUKA and her band of “Bobacious babes” have been busy writing and developing new material and every 2 months book A Sharp to record the new material. After a few cycles like ILUKA and her management hope to start to put an EP or Album together. We caught up with ILUKA and asked more about inspirations, career to date and what she hopes for going forward.

Iluka with her band Bobacious Babes at A Sharp Recording Studio

1. How and when did everything musical and your career start?

There was no official ‘beginning’. It was always something I just did. I began making up little ditties that I would sing around the house when I was 4 and I guess those ditties then progressed into songs. My Dad had a pretty basic 12 track recording desk at home so we began recording my own songs from when I was 7. We have made albums and albums worth of material together… It’s strange, I have always had this sense of knowing that I am here, on this earth, to create music. So that is what I have always done.

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