A Sharp Recording Studio Market Survey

  1.  Customer
    1. Have you ever visited or worked at A Sharp? YesNo
    2. How best describes your visit(s) to A Sharp?
    3. How did you first hear about A Sharp?
  2. Website
    1. Did you find the design of the A Sharp Website current? (1 being poor and 10 being excellent)
    2. When you visited the website did you find what you wanted to easily?
    3. Did you find the information on the website easy to understand?
    4. After visiting the website did you still have questions about the studio?
    5. Do you believe that the A Sharp website could be improved?
    6. If you believe that the website could be improved, would this be through better?
  1. Location
    1. Did you find the physical location of A Sharp easy to find?
    2. Did you like the location of A Sharp?
    3. Was the location to A Sharp easy to travel to?
    4. Would it be better for A Sharp to be located in the Inner West of Sydney?
    5. If A Sharp moved to a more Inner West Sydney location would you still use A Sharp?
  1. The Experience
    1. Rate the in-house Producer Engineer that was working on your session?
    2. Did the in-house Producer / Engineer understand the needs of your session?
    3. Did the in-house Producer / Engineer work well with you to achieve what you wanted?
    4. Did the in-house Producer / Engineer finish the work with your time and budget restraints?
    5. Overall, how well was your project completed at A Sharp?
    6. How likely are you to use A Sharp for your recording needs over other recording studios?
    7. How likely are you to recommend A Sharp to other persons needing a recording studio?
    8. Did you find the studio clean and tidy?
  1. Equipment
    1. Were you pleased with the condition of equipment at A Sharp?
    2. Did you feel that A Sharp could improve it’s selection of equipment?
    3. Are there any particular items of equipment that you would like to see at A Sharp?
  1. Price and affordability
    1. How do you rate the value of the current advertised price for a single day excluding engineer?
    2. Did you know that A Sharp offered discounts for multiple days that did not have to be consecutive? YesNo
    3. Was the pricing clear on the A Sharp Website?
  2. General Comments
  3. If you have anything that you would like to add about your experience at A Sharp we’d be pleased if you’d let us know.

    Many thanks for completing this questionnaire.