An Interview with Daniel (Cupcake) Natoli

Daniel Natoli’s been in the chair at A Sharp quite a bit these recent months and it’s not going to change anytime soon with A Sharp’s new sister Studio in St Peter’s coming on line in a few months. We thought we’d have a quite chat so as to introduce him to you.

  • Difficult we know – but In a few lines and in your own words – tell us a little about yourself?

Well according to my colleagues at A Sharp, I’m always in the studio or playing guitar, I love what I do and I hope that really shows. I don’t look at Audio Production as a job, it’s fun and simply just great working with creative people.

Daniel Natoli in the chair (Medium)

  • We really dig your website (, you list  Music Production . Audio Engineering . System Design .  Architectural Acoustics – can you tell us more about your Acoustics Role?

Thanks! The kudos goes to my brother, Chris, for the website design!

I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Architectural Science (Audio & Acoustics) at The University of Sydney and it’s been an invaluable experience; I have had the opportunity to be involved in a number of large-scale technical research projects with partners such as Dolby Digital, Arup and Aachen University, working in the field of architectural acoustics, psychoacoustics and technical system design. My personal research involves spatial electroacoustics and applied psychoacoustics and lately I have been involved in a number of acoustic design projects – working on commercial recording studios and music performance spaces around Sydney.

My finance say’s it’s just another excuse for me to play with expensive audio toys!

Daniel Natoli tracking bass (Medium)

  • Hot Tip – tell us something that you’d doing at the moment – tracking or mixing – that you’re really feeling and is working well for you?

You’ll thank me later.

  • The last few 2 years have been massive for you, working with some really cool bands and acts that have achieved some good rotation both in Australia and Overseas – were hearing a lot of people saying good things about you; difficult again but why do you think that is?

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I constantly find myself surrounded by forward-thinking people who are incredibly creative and passionate about music and audio. I thrive on that collaborative process, and will offer my experience and expertise as a way to help develop something exceptional.

My friends and family will all attest to the fact that I have completely dedicated myself to doing what I love. The 20-hour days, the deadlines, the three million cups of coffee – it comes with the territory, haha! At the end of the day, it comes down to a genuine, unending desire to create music. One of my favourite quotes from jazz saxophonist Steve Lacy sums it up, “It starts with a single sound. If there’s something in that sound, then it’s worth continuing…”

  • Finally – what the single best thing that you’ve done so far in your audio career?

In all honesty, partnering with AKA Music and A Sharp Recording Studio was the best move I have made in my career. Richard and his team supplied the tools that I needed to progress as a producer/engineer, and provided my clients with a space that had no creative or technical limitations, allowing them to get to the core of what it is to be in a recording studio – do what you love, and make great records.

I did however, acquire the name ‘cupcake’ due to the fact that I help my girlfriend when I can at a market on Saturdays selling cupcakes; so it’s not all expensive audio toys!

If you’d like to speak to Daniel or talk about your next Audio Production Project you can contact Daniel at or ring us on 02 9153 9988.