Interview with the singer ILUKA

We’ve been stoked to have ILUKA back in the A Sharp Studios recording some great new material. ILUKA and her band of “Bobacious babes” have been busy writing and developing new material and every 2 months book A Sharp to record the new material. After a few cycles like ILUKA and her management hope to start to put an EP or Album together. We caught up with ILUKA and asked more about inspirations, career to date and what she hopes for going forward.

Iluka with her band Bobacious Babes at A Sharp Recording Studio

1. How and when did everything musical and your career start?

There was no official ‘beginning’. It was always something I just did. I began making up little ditties that I would sing around the house when I was 4 and I guess those ditties then progressed into songs. My Dad had a pretty basic 12 track recording desk at home so we began recording my own songs from when I was 7. We have made albums and albums worth of material together… It’s strange, I have always had this sense of knowing that I am here, on this earth, to create music. So that is what I have always done.

2. Where do you find your inspiration to write your music?

Everywhere. My Dad calls it being ‘in tune’ with the world. Being in tune to another frequency, vibration. When you tap into that you become really aware of every sound, every movement and suddenly everything and everyone is inspiring. It’s all about maintaining that sensitivity and that sense of wonder. That is what creation is all about. That is where all inspiration exists. Of course with sensitivity comes an overwhelming sensitivity to the darkness of the world as well as the light. To me, both are just as important. To be an artist is to surrender to both the light and the dark. Without one, there is no other…

Iiluka at A Sharp Recording Studios

3. How did you meet your band of bodacious babes?

Along the way I guess… I have been playing with Billy (the drummer) for years now and then met Rosie (bass player) and Stephen (guitarist) and we all just began to fit together like some kind of puzzle. It’s a whole other feeling when you get in a room and play music with people who really get you and bring something to the music that takes it to that other level.It’s a whole other kind of magic…

4. We understand that you’re currently in a writing/recording session for a new project, can you tell us a little more about it?

There’s always writing and recording going on, but this year the band and I have added more structure and routine to the process. Every week we have a song development session where we bring in new ideas, whether it’s a morsel like a vocal phrase or a guitar line, or something more fully formed with lyrics, structure, and melody. We then throw around ideas and build on that sketch, to really flesh out the full band arrangement. Then every two months we go into A Sharp Recording Studios and lay down all of the songs we’ve worked up in that block. After a few cycles of that process we can then review the full batch of songs and decide whether we have enough really strong material to take further, and start putting together an EP or album.

5. What are your plans for this year?

We’re actually putting the finishing touches on a new EP at the moment, which we’re all really excited about. At the moment the focus is on getting all the pieces together to be ready for release – finalizing the artwork, shooting some videos, that sort of thing – and then plan a tour to share the new music with Australia!

Iluka and Bobacious Babes at A Sharp Studios in Sydney

6. Do you have any significant musical goals you’d like to achieve?

Tour the world. Anywhere and everywhere. I want to travel and play music for anyone and everyone who will listen. So yeh, I guess the world is my musical goal.

7. What’s been the most memorable occasion in your musical career so far?

We recently supported American soul legend, Allen Stone. I have been such a big fan of his music for as long as I can remember so it was pretty surreal getting to open for him and his band. He was such a genuine guy and reminded me just how important it is to stay grounded and focused on your mission as a musician. For him music is a platform to spread a message which I have always related to. There was no bullshit with him, it was just like ‘this is me and this is my message’. Take it or leave it. I found that really refreshing.

8. What do you love doing when you’re not writing music or playing live?

A lot of things. Reading books and adventuring and drinking tea probably most of all…

Iluka in the Control Room at A Sharp Recording Studios in Sydney

9. What has been your biggest challenge so far in your musical career as a professional performing and recording artist?

The biggest challenge for me has been to keep my head above the bullshit that surrounds this industry. There are constantly people telling you how they think they can make you find success; how you should look or sound like or act like or who you should work with. I guess when I first started out I was a little more impressionable and got sucked in to that side of the game a little. Now I feel like I know what I want. I know what I need to do and that is to stay true to my own art. I have such a clear vision and I just need to trust that and put everything I have into making it happen.

Iluka having fun at the recording session at A Sharp Studios