Interview – Matt Fioravanti

August 2018

  • Difficult we know – but In a few lines and in your own words – tell us a little about yourself?

I like to think that I’m a young and enthusiastic audio engineer who understands music as I play a couple of instruments; I’ve been a session musician on occasion too. Being passion for music, all genres of music is true too. This really helps when working with Act’s, it makes it easy to talk to and understand what they are looking for. I suppose my aim is to try to make a positive impact on all people that have trusted me to work with them on their music.

  • We understand you’re about to finish JMC but are already working hard in the industry and working in a number of studios. Do you have any advice for people wanting to start a career in Audio Engineering?

Simple, get out there, talk to people, push yourself outside your comfort zone, stay organised, work hard, always keep learning and always back yourself!

  • The last year has been massive for you, working with some really cool bands and helping produce acts such as Kwame who toured Nationally with Peking Duck and just opened the main stage at Slpndour, we’re hearing a lot of people saying good things about you; what do you think your secret is?

I really couldn’t say (always back yourself lol)! I don’t think there is one thing you could put it down to. Hard work, long hours, great team of people I work with often, great music and always believing we could.

  • Hot Tip – tell us something that you’d doing at the moment – tracking or mixing – that you’re really feeling and is working well for you.

Recently I have been starting all my mixing in mono on an Avantone, if you can get something sounding tight on that it makes the rest real easy!

  • Finally – what the single best thing that you’ve done so far in your audio career?

That’s impossible to say really! The first album I worked on, “Excursions of Love” by Phil Fresh, is definitely up there! It was seriouse work as I Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered it all. Working with Kwame and watching it hit 1 million plays on Spotify is also right there; but every moment is itself a great achievement!