Interview – Nathan Sheehy Head Producer at A Sharp

  • Difficult we know – but In a few lines and in your own words – tell us a little about yourself?

Alright, if I had a tinder profile it would probably look like this, haha –

Work: I am a Sydney based Music producer/mixer/audio engineer which I’ve successfully been doing for about 8 years – its my job and passion.

Me as a person: I’m a big big music lover (obviously),I’m very social, love a beer with mates, going on adventures, snowboarding, surfing or sometimes nerding out on podcasts.

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I guess I didn’t really get into the recording business because I love microphones, tape machines or electronics, I did it because I love music and creativity; I thrive in creative environments. Being able to offer creative advice and guidance is one of the primary purposes of a modern record producer. It’s a part of the service I provide.

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  • Hot Tip – tell us something that you’d doing at the moment – tracking or mixing – that you’re really feeling and is working well for you.

Do Less, haha, Not like in the lazy way but like the old “Less is More” saying. Thinking reductive is something that philosophically can get you huge headway in technical and creative decision making. Think, what needs to be here? whats important? Remove everything else and create space. Metaphorically, the less ingredients you use to achieve a flavour, the better the dish will taste. In saying that sometimes “More is More” and you should throw everything thing in the pan and see what happens!


  • The last few 2 years have been massive for you, working with some really cool bands such as Birds Of Tokyo, SleepMakesWaves, Bad Pony, Pirra, The know goods – were hearing people say ‘you’re killing it’, why do you think that these cool bands come to you?

I think being personable helps a lot. Obviously you need to have the skill and the creativity to do this kind of job but anybody can learn pro tools. How you interact and make the artist feeling during a session will ultimately make a world of difference and then the end result of the product. Its about building trust and communication.


  • We understand you’re a bit of an adventurer – and you like climbing mountains?

Well I grew up on the south coast of NSW so as youths we were always outdoors on an adventure, either surfing, skating, rock jumping, bush walks or up the mountain snowboarding etc, so I’ve kinda always been into thats stuff. The mountain trekking is mostly because of my beautiful girlfriend who does an incredible job of dragging me out of the studio to go on adventures.