Lennox Lust recording with Jye Hannan at A Sharp Studio

Recently, Producer Engineer, Jye Hannan booked out A Sharp Recording Studio to record a great due called Lennox Lust. After the session we caught up with the band and asked a couple of questions.

Describe Lennox Lust in a tweet?
– Quirky, happy and in love.

Why did you decide to have Jye engineer this project?
– We came across Jyes skills at university where we were assembled together to create radio advertisements for the UNI. We were searching for an engineer at the time for a while and found we really liked the way he worked. He seemed highly capable but most importantly he seemed to respect what we wanted and didn’t try to influence us in an unnatural direction.

Lennox Lust at A Sharp Recording Studio

What was your favorite experience while recording at A Sharp Recording Studio?
– Its hard to pick just one, we were in there for a total of 20 hours over 2 days in attempt to complete tracking for 9 songs which was pretty ‘ambitious’ as Jye liked to call it. Running around this studio in a rush to finish it was fun overall because we had so much to get done and seeing all the equipment and special things about this studio in a rush was good because it was like “oh shit! look at that” and 15 seconds later “oh shit, look at that!”

Describe the recording process?
– We jumped in and recorded acoustic guitars first because for us that is the basis of our songs. 8 out of our 9 songs are acoustic guitars and one is a piano/vocal tune. So from there we went to piano recording that song and adding piano to other tracks. A beautiful grand piano was available for us at A Sharp Studios so using that was amazing. We went on to record Stomp and electric guitars as well as some drums/percussion before calling it a day. The second day was spent purely on vocals. Jye had some great ideas on recording so the raw listening’s were amazing, which left us so excited to hear what would be coming out.

Miking of the grand piano at A Sharp Recording Studio

What can listeners expect from your debut album?
– Even though this was rushed in a sense we got absolutely everything out of these sessions. We work better under stress and we had time left afterwards where we could ask ourselves “what else can we add?” The basis of these recording are real and true to us. We added a few little things to give people a listen to some more but we wanted to keep the vibe the same as how we are live.

The grand piano ready for the Lennox Lust recording session

Describe the vibe at A Sharp Recording Studio?
– We both have been to a few and this is by far the best vibe we’ve gotten out of a studio. Having a sparse amount of people around meant a lot to us. For basically all the sessions it was just us two and Jye. The areas and spaces were so welcoming and the gear meant we could have a lot of fun. We really loved our experience and are stoked to come back soon for album number 2!

Find more about Lennox Lust on their website: www.lennoxlust.com