Milko Foucault-Larché recording at A Sharp Recording Studios

Famous Mauritian French artist Milko Foucault-Larche recently recorded a charitable album at A Sharp for the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Ceremony this month. We caught up with Milko during the recording session and asked him a few questions about his musical career that has spread from Mauritius to NY and Sydney for a man dubbed as the leading ambassador of French Popular music in Australia.

“I started performing at 18 and landed my first gig with a French Theater Company touring Mauritius singing small parts in French Operettas, 7 shows a week for 3 months. It was fun, but hard work as we would rehearse a show in the afternoon and perform another one in the evening.” This love of Operetta grew Milko explained that lead him to producing his own, which in turn resulted in him working for Mauritian television. “Two years later I produced my first big show, I was only 21 and in charge of a two hour French operetta extravaganza with a chorus of 30, 6 singers. 6 dancers and a 32 piece orchestra and I performed in it.” The road was set and for the next 10 years Milko produced a number of shows, concerts and events and even worked for National Radio.

Over the years Milko has starred in various shows around the World including the well known Dome Cabartet in New York. “A lot of very well known American Cabaret Artists have performed there. I was really pleased as my show was sold out very quickly and I was even asked to put in additional performances but my travelling itinerary was already locked in. New York was great, and it was remarkable to work with American Musical Director Tex Arnold. Ted who plays for the likes of artists such as Margaret Whiting, Barbara Cook, Laurel Massé and Michael Feinstein to name a few”

1996 saw Milko’s first of several Album’s called To Dream. “I wanted to share my favorite songs so people can hear what I do on stage as a Variety Artist. To Dream is a collection of French, Italian & Spanish songs sung in the original language plus, of course, a few items from my favourite musicals. Music Theatre has been part of my life since I was a teenager.”

Milko won a MO for Best International Performer, for his Aznavour Show . “Aznavour’s music has taken me to some wonderful places. For example, we were very proud to perform the show at The Sydney Opera house for the 10 Year Anniversary of the show in Australia. It was great for the show to win the MO especially for all the people who had worked on with me. John Watson has been part of that project since the very beginning and Rikelle Brown and Sheridan Gaudry have worked so hard as vocalists. I end up doing a duet in the show with Sheridan. A song written by Aznavour that was picked up by Edith Piaf. After the success of the MO, I recorded another album of Aznavour and actually recorded that duet with Martine Monroe, a fabulous singer from Belgium.

Photo of Rikelle Brown, Steve Brown, Sheridan Gaudry and Milko Foucault-Larché in the control room at A Sharp Studio

Rikelle Brown, Steve Brown, Sheridan Gaudry and Milko Foucault-Larché

It seems like Milko has been torn between performing and producing, which is one of the reasons he has been dubbed one of the “leading ambassadors of French Popular music in Australia” Milko was asked by a major club in Sydney to create a European show. “We’ve performed the show two years in a row for the same venue which included dancers and sight acts and Circus acts, it was extremely rewarding and very hard work but was a great success and very entertaining.” So much so, that in 2010, Milko ventured back into French Opera & French Operetta producing and directing NOSTALGIE LYRIQUE.

“I hadn’t sung opera for more that a decade so it was hard work to raise myself to a different level with “real Opera Singers”, but it was also a success and further dates were planned. Quite often people have asked me: “ Are you a tenor or a baritone? Very important in the operatic world….For me there is only one answer…For me I am neither… I am an Entertainer. I sing in the key that I feel comfortable, I sing what I want and I am my own boss…

How did this album come about and were did the idea of supporting the Armenian Genocide Charity Commemoration Ceremony in Sydney Town Hall on the 24th April start? “It started in 2005 but it never seemed the right time, so I’ glad that we’ve brought this baby to life now. We’re part of a historical moment in time and I have met and worked with some wonderful people to make it happen. My friend ArmenGakavian from Mission Armenia has been very supportive and it’s such an important cause. Aznavour’s parents were Armenian and it only feels right to help and contribute to this cause. Every couple of years Armen and I would talk about doing this album and finally everything feel into place. It was obviously meant to happen now.”

Finally, Can you tell us what is the single best decision you have made in your life so far? “To come and start a new life in Australia. Australia has given me so much as a producer and entertainer and I have been able to achieve so much more in terms of music and shows . I have realized, in the last few years that creating is just as rewarding as performing.” And we’re sure you’re produce many more shows!