The North Shore Synagogue recording at A Sharp Recording Studio

Zvi Teichtahl, Cantor of The North Shore Synagogue contacted A Sharp Recording studios earlier this year in order to record a commemorative CD of music. The idea was for the CD to accompany a book celebrating the 75-year anniversary of the founding of the Synagogue and its community.
“The Book came about to be able to provide current and past members with a trip down memory lane. It has a pictorial and written history of the synagogue, including milestone events and key figures that helped build and create the community that it is. The CD, which will be attached to the back of the book, will reflect the rich musical heritage for which the synagogue has been renowned. It seemed to be a neat way to provide members with an audio presentation whilst reading through the book.”

The North Shore Synagogue at A Sharp Recording Studio in Sydney

With such a massive project in hand, fortunately Zvi had help from Dr. Joseph Toltz of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
“Dr Joseph Toltz and I had worked together on a couple of communal projects and I have always been amazed at his sensitive arrangements of both Jewish and other classical music. When I mentioned this project to DrToltz he was very keen to be involved as he also has a personal attachment to the synagogue with some of his ancestors being founding members of the congregation.

The North Shore Synagogue

It was a superb day of with some very skilled musicians. We understand that Benjamin Adler had a part to play in forming the piano quintet.“Benjamin Adler, the violinist, helpedco-ordinated the choice of musicians. I think this reflected his and DrToltz’s knowledge of each of the musicians abilities and strengths, so we could all be brought together to work well and play the music as it was intended”

North Shore Synagogue during the recording session at A Sharp Recording Studio

It was an excellent day of very varied music on a theme. Who chose the music?
“I chose the pieces of music, and it was a difficult process. I wanted the songs to reflect the traditional liturgical music that the synagogue would identify with, but also ad an element of more contemporary composers, but still with a liturgical flavour.”

The North Shore Synagogue

We understand that you are organising a concert later this year to commemorate the 75-year anniversary?
“Yes – the concert will be held at The North Shore Synagogue on 1 November 2015 at 4pm. It will really be a “tale of two halves”. The first half will reflect the pieces we recorded for the CD, with all the musicians coming together to perform live. The second half we have a special guest artist in Simon Tedeschi, the internationally acclaimed pianist. He will be performing his Gershwin programme.”

Finally, could you let us know what you thought of the recording experience at A Sharp?
All the musicians have been full of praise in relation to A Sharp. Richard’s warm and accommodating style, coupled with an acoustically and aesthetically wonderful space to produce music was exactly what we needed to record the tracks in a relatively short space of time. In addition, working through the mixing of the tracks with Richard was easy and seamless, due to RIchard’s expertise and intuition.