Cedrick Courtois

Cedrick Courtois

– Mixing Engineer –

Cedrick Courtois

Although having received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 1994, Cedrick Courtois’ love and passion for music has lead him to the ESRA Institute in France, where he earned and his Associate’s Degree in Audio Engineering. Courtois began interning at various recording studios in Paris, but after deciding to build his audio engineering carrier in USA, moved to Houston, Texas where he advanced to be the First Engineer at Sunrise Sound Studios. In Houston, Cedrick Courtois worked with world class musicians like Lenny Kravitz, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Ludacris, Scarface, Solange Knowles, Chris Walker (Al Jarreau), Michelle Williams, Earshot and many other well-known names.

Cedrick’s next big move, Hollywood. It was here that he went to take on a very challenging project; mixing a rock opera soundtrack, “Repo! The Generic Opera”. Mr. Courtois was tracking vocals for Paul Sorvino, Sarah Brightman, Anthony Head and Paris Hilton, while mixing tracks featuring, Blashko, Danny Lohner, Ray Luzier, David J and Richard Patrick.

Following his above mentioned endeavors, Cedrick Courtois earned his first Re-Recording Mixer credit working as a Music Editor on the independent film, Montana Amazon: The Adventures of the Dunderheads. A film featuring Haley Joel Osment, Olympia Dukakis and Alison Brie.

Some of the Cedrick’s work can be heard in the viral videos of Red Bull’s “Formula One,” the film The Windsurfing Movie II, by Poor Boyz Productions, Monster Energy’s “Supercross” commercials and the opening theme of Travelin’ Sal.

In his career as an audio engineer, Cedrick continues to work with a variety of music genres from Dance, Pop, Metal and Country, to Gospel and Classical. He loves working with all music styles. No matter the project he is working on, Cedrick Courtois signature remains his flawless attention to detail. He is known to be a dedicated professional who will not turn off the lights in the studio until the entire project has received his very best.

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$280 to $800 – price per song

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