Joe Sharratt

Joe Sharratt

Joe Sharratt

Sydney / NSW

Audio Service – Tracking, Mixing, Re-Mixing and Mastering.

Genres – Hip Hop, Rap, Fuck, Rock, World, Classical and anything musical!



Graduating with a Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Sound Production, being nominated as “Most Outstanding Engineer”, Joe has been recognised by his peers as an incredibly talented producer engineer. Following graduation in 2008, Joe’s drive for simply making great records has see him develop as a producer/engineer and work at a number of recording studios and independent labels in Sydney. Joe’s love for his art has also seen him take on personal band development projects; bands that have achieved recognition in Sydney with an impressive following.

Ultimately, Joe puts his engineering and sound production drive down to his love for drum sounds, Vinyl, every genre of music and audio technology. So much so, that Joe also lectures elements of the Audio Engineering and Sound Production Course at JMC Academy. In 2014 whilst working for a client at A Sharp Recording Studios, Joe’s audio engineering skills so impressed veteran engineer Jeff Cripps that Joe later accepted to join the team of house engineers at A Sharp Recording Studios.

Since joining the team, Joe’s natural talent and understanding of engineering and producing makes him a name to watch in the future. As he says “you never sit in the chair and not offer advice, but your always against the clock and need patience”.

Partial List of Clients and Credits

Lola Sola, Jarrah Music,August Storm – Origins EP (Producer/Engineer), Chasing Giants – Scarred (Mixing Engineer), Jarrah – Moonlight Walker (Mastering), Vincent Mayspring – Don’t Worry (Producer/Engineer)

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Studio and Equipment

SSL Nucleus . UAD Satellite . Orange Tiny Terror . Orange Dark Terror . Fender Princeton . Snares . Black Beauty . Supraphonic . Iam Paice Signature . George . Way Copper . Adoro Walnut


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