Lukas Rimbach

Lukas Rimbach

Audio Mixing Engineer

Lukas Rimbach
Lukas has been involved with music from his early childhood on successfully playing drums from an early age and has never stopped since.

Even in the early years, Lukas worked in studios as both a recording artist on his own and other peoples material as a producer. The studio showed Lukas the need to follow his dream in audio and he signed up for bachelor studies at the SAE institute Frankfurt.

Studying increased freelancing at local studios in Frankfurt and Lukas quickly found his first jobs as a recording and mixing engineer. In the studio Lukas successfully produced music for various artists of different genres.

Ever since receiving his bachelor degree Lukas has been making a name for himself as a talented engineer working not only in Germany, but all over the world with artists such as Francis Mercier, Deborah Lee, Banjoory, Jahzel and Kairo Kingdom.

$200 to $400 – price per song

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