EP Package

A four or five song package over 4 and a half days allowing the musicians the opportunity to make the most of studio time  and record several songs.

Half Day     – Preproduction
Two Days    – Tracking and Overdubs
Two Days    – Editing and Mixing

Studio Rate at $420 per day = $ 1,890 + GST for 4 1/2 days (weekend or weekday and circa 45 hours)

Engineer Rate $900 to $1800 for the 4.5 days + GST – the price all depends which of our team you require. You may want one engineer for production and tracking and another for mixing.

If you have your own producer engineer or engineer you’re more than welcome to book the studio without our engineers and we will provide on-site technical support.

Payment terms – 50% upon the booking and balance payable prior to the end of the booking.

Audio Engineer – An A Sharp Engineer is included within the Cost

Facilities – Cost includes the exclusive use of all facilities, equipment, instruments and amps.

Production Advice – All of our tracking engineers offer production advice during the session. If you want help or advice – just ask. If however, you wish for specific production advice and need a producer for your music then please call so that we can have a chat about what you are looking for and find the right engineer and producer.

Session Musicians – No matter what genre of music you play, if you need we have a large list of session musicians and singers on our books that we can call. Just let us know beforehand.

Day – A Day is normally a 10 hour day.

Other notes – Days do not need to be consecutive, we understand that this may not be possible.

Food and Beverage – Free coffee and tea are available during the session. A menu is available for those wishing to order sandwiches, wraps, salads or hot dishes. You can see our current menu and prices here.

For more information please call:

Studio Phone 02 9153 9988
Studio Mobile 04 1695 7250


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