Audio Mixing


Why audio mixing?

Audio mixing, like recording is a technical art and creative process that enhances the song. At A Sharp we like to think that we know some very talented freelance mixing engineers; that with the right acoustics and equipment can work directly with you to enhance your music. We are so confident, that we offer a 100% guarantee or your money back – we don’t believe in charging for an audio mix that doesn’t work.

How we charge for audio mixing?

Depending on the complexity, length, number of audio stems, song, we simply work out a set price for the audio mixing. This means that you don’t pay more than we quote. We want to be transparent and honest with our clients as reputation is everything to us, so we can charge by the song or by time to mix the song which all depends on the client’s needs and wishes. Whatever the reason, A Sharp offers audio mixing at a price you can afford.


How the audio mixing works?

We offer both attended and unattended audio mixing (online mixing). You may not live locally to A Sharp recording studios, don’t have the time, haven’t recorded here but need a professional audio mix or just want one of the audio mixing engineers we know to help finish/polish your own audio mix. Whatever the reason, the first stage is the creative dialogue between the artist and the mixing engineer. The time to complete a mix depends on the complexity of the mix and the level of work and editing required; but as a general rule we try and complete a single mix within 5 days if unattended. A professional result and if not – we refund you.