Recording Studio

A Sharp Recording Studio

A Sharp is the oldest independent recording studio in Sydney having survived the test to time for more than one reason. For over 40 years music has been recorded in A Sharp Recording Studios, hundreds of Albums, EP’s, Musicians and great music of all genres.

After 40 years it was time for a refit and 4 months later we hope that we have achieved more than just a studio. It’s a place where people can relax during overdubs in a leather Chesterfield and record great music. We’ve had more than one person take a cat nap on the sofa!

If you want to know more about what we do and how we can help your music within your budget, just pick up the phone and give us a call, say Hi and come down and have a look around.

Tracking and Audio Mixing

We love music, it’s not a job, it’s a passion and we are here to help with all stages of the recording and music making process so you achieve the very best.

Our goal when we re-designed A Sharp recording studio was to create a working living environment with 4 separate isolated recording areas so that any stage of the process we can help you achieve the very best results. Be you a band or artist that wants to capture the live performance or an artist with beats and wants to work online casinos step by step within the DAW with one of our 88 Key workstations, we are there to help.

We also have a small menu from which you can order wraps, sandwiches, salads and pasta, so when you come here, you can focus on making music.

We realise that using social media is important way that musicians connection with their fans. For this reason we can also arrange for a professional photographer to come to the studio during the session to take photos – a fly on the wall during the session and some great photos to post after.

Whatever your preferred way of working and whatever your budget, we work with you with one single element in mind – recording great music.

Music Production

It often occurs that bands or solo artists want help with their songs to bring ideas together from a fresh trained pair of ears. There are many ways that we can help artists with production and we always listen to better understand what you are seeking. Music production basically helps achieve the best out of the songs, the musicians, the audio engineer and everyone associated with the music to achieve great music.

Music production can range from just adding some ideas during the recording process to actually engaging a producer to spend time with a band and the songs before and during the recording session. All the team at A Sharp can provide production advice. They have all been musicians, have played in bands, recorded as musicians and understand what it means to make good music.

We have also had bands arrive with their own music producers. So whatever the situation is, if you think you need help, let’s have a chat. You’re the client and our role is to help you as much as possible.

Analogue and Digital – Hybrid the best of both worlds

At A Sharp Recording Studios we integrate Analogue with the Digital. With a Solid State Logic AWS 948 console with super analogue pre-amps in line with 48 channels of AVID HD I/O convertors and Pro Tools HDX running PT 11 or 10 we get the best of both worlds. At any stage of the recording process, tracking, playback or audio mixing the console adds it’s analogue sonic imprint to the music.