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A Sharp Recording Studio
1/339 Belmore Road, Riverwood, NSW.
02 9153 9988

First opened in October 1978, A Sharp Recording Studio is the oldest independent recording studio in Sydney.


Available for hire with or without a producer/engineer, A Sharp is a recognised home for many of Australia’s top freelance music professionals, that require a studio they can trust for their projects. If you require a Producer or Engineer, we have several excellent associated producers/audio engineers that we work with – including Steve James, Matt Stewart, Nick Hatzakos and Daniel Natoli – who call A Sharp home.


A Sharp represents acoustics you can trust, well-maintained industry-standard equipment, and a unique working environment that allows you to focus on the music. It’s a no-fuss studio with flexible booking arrangements. If you’re looking for a studio, why not reach out and come down to meet us at the recording studio. We believe A Sharp is one of the best and most affordable recording studios in Sydney, with an extensive collection of world-class analog equipment & microphones and 4 isolated recording areas (excellent for full-band recording, drums, Grand Piano, and acoustic ensembles).


Studio Hire Rates
$590.00 (including GST) for a 10 hour session (without Engineer).
$350.00 (including GST) for a 5 hour session (without Engineer).


We are now offering AfterPay sessions via Square!

Take advantage of AfterPay’s “buy now, pay later” feature on your next session.
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Amy Shark . Birds Of Tokyo . Avalanche .  The Slims . The Eunuchs . Johnny Hunter Band . Kwame . The Rumjacks . Dami Im . Kerser . SleepMakesWaves . The Screaming Jets . Sarah McLeod . Mental As Anything . The Choirboys . Rose Tattoo . Chutney . One Four . Aphrodisiac . Steve Balbi . Hamilton (The Musical) . Tasman Keith . Keyna Wilkins . Battlesnake . Thunderfox . Iluka . Ella Clair . Storm & Stone . Trophy Eyes . Polish Club . Toe To Toe . Bad Pony . The Bottlers . Oly Sherman . Ms.D . Pharmercy . Antonomasia . Mel Bailey . Dylan Reisch . Nicki Gillis . T. Lopea . Once Around Saturn . Nadeem Sarwar . Florian . Honey Nothings . Planet Holiday . Liquid Time . Mimi The Desert Pearl . Lemon Tree . Crush Hour . Ethan Conway . Layer Cake . The Natural Culture . Mimi The Dessert Pearl . Poison The Vein . Diver . Jess Macc . Hiraeth . Killrazer . Eastern Empire . Ganathipan . Shabad . Arun Gupta . The Maze. Avenyou . Aquarius . Sonic Ctrl . The Shang . Subway Monk . Ephemera Ensemble . Lanstan . Ollie Roland . Kim Churchill . Eishan Ensemble . The Vanns . Small Voices . Euterpe . Abigail Wighton . Left Hand Side . Pirra . Goons . Mac the Knife . The Spooked Kooks . Prism . State of Clouds . Welter . 5 Way Addiction . Christian John Rainer . ABC Music SONY . Universal Music . Golden Robot Records . Apple Music . Telstra

SSL AWS 948 Console . Pro Tools HDX w/ Pro Tools Ultimate . AVID HD – 48 I/O’s . PMC IB2S XBD-AII . ADAM S2V . Avantone Mix Cubes . 50 msq Large Tracking Room and 2 Isolation Booths . 176cm Alex Steinbach Grand Piano . Neve 1073’s, 1081’s & 8801’s . API . Rupert Neve . Shadow Hills Industries. GML . Manley . UA . Chandler . TubeTech . Empirical Labs . Cartec . Thermionic Culture . Bricasti . Eventide . Lexicon . Avalon . PomPye . Neumann . Royer . Coles . Telefunken Elektroakustika . AKG

Audio Mixing – 100% guaranteed, as you want it

Recorded at A Sharp, somewhere else or in your own space at home, we have a list of Freelance Engineers that can mix your material either at A Sharp or in their own personal studio. As such we’re very flexible on budget and are so confident of the results we offer a 100% guarantee.
Tell us what your budget is for mixing and we’ll ask our team of Freelance Engineers!

Top 3 Reasons to choose A Sharp Recording Studios, Sydney!


Acoustics you can trust, leading world class equipment that works, large tracking areas, a sophisticated working living environment so you can focus on the music.

Recording Studio for You

Whatever the genre, from Gospel to Gothic, Rap to Rock or Classical to Country A Sharp’s recorded and mixed them all as we’ve a couple of Freelance Engineers that have won a few multi-platinum records, awards and ARIA’s in the process.

Audio Engineers

Talented people who love making records is essential for a studio. We’ve a serious list of Freelance Producer Engineers that use A Sharp that can help as Reputation is everything and we want to keep ours growing.

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Contact A Sharp Recording Studio


We much prefer talking to people, so why not call and arrange to come and see us. We are 150 meters from Riverwood Train Station on the T8 Airport and South Line to Central Station, just off the M5 (M8), and have free all day parking around the studio.

A Sharp Phone Number: 02 9153 9988

A Sharp Recording Studios

1/339 Belmore Road