Associated Engineers & Producers

Everyone that works at A Sharp Recording Studios is freelance, and we have an impressive list of Producers/Engineers that use A Sharp for their critical recording and mixing needs.

Here are a few of the more-frequent Producer/Engineers that use the studio, but please feel free to contact us if you’re in search of a specific skill-set!

Tony Wall

After spending seven years as a professional touring musician Tony Wall moved into music recording at 23 years of age. With 28 years studio experience and 38 years total in the Australian music industry, Tony has worked with some of the world’s biggest names both locally and internationally.

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Matt Stewart

Head Studio Engineer

Matt Stewart is a Sydney based Recording / Mix Engineer and Musician. For over a decade, he has been immersed in the Sydney music scene as an active musician, singing and playing guitar in the bands Crush Hour (Jangle / Shoegaze) and Kid Zeus (Pop-Rock).

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A-Sharp Recording Studio Engineer Steve James

Steve James

Steve James – is an internationally renowned Producer and Engineer with several chart successes in Australia the UK and US. During his professional career to date, Steve has received a Grammy Nomination and won ARIA awards…

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Matt Borsos, also known as “Gambino” is a well-established Producer, Mixing Engineer, and Mastering Engineer based in Sydney Australia. Growing up in the harder parts of Port Adelaide, Gambino’s way out of the negativity was to become heavily-involved in the Australian Hip-Hop culture.

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Enginner at A-Sharp Studios Daniel Willington

Daniel Willington

Daniel has been full time working in Production and Engineering since 2015 and has achieved highly developed and versatile set of musical skills that cover many different styles of music.

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Nick Hatzakos

After discovering a passion for music at a young age, Nick has always known that he wanted to pursue a life surrounded by music.

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Holly Everingham

Holly Everingham excelled in her Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Sound Production at JMC Academy and has shown her determination to a career in the industry spending the past few years working across multiple studios in Sydney.

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Daniel Natoli

Daniel Natoli has dedicated his life to working in the audio industry – with countless international production credits and experience in film composition, live sound, studio design & architectural acoustics, Daniel offers an extensive range of audio services designed to deliver the highest quality production of your sounds.

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Tom Haeusler

Firmly established in the Sydney music scene with 22 years of playing bass with a solid foundation of production and engineering, Tom, a multi-instrumentalist has recently also dived into the Synth world.

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