Audio Engineers
Music Producers

Everyone that works at A Sharp Recording Studios is Freelance and we’ve an impressive list of Producer/Engineers that use A Sharp for their Critical Tracking and Mixing needs.

Here a few of the more frequent Producer/Engineers that use the studio but please feel free to contact us if you’re in search of a specific skill set.

A-Sharp Recording Studio Engineer Steve James

Steve James

Steve James – is an internationally renowned Producer and Engineer with several chart successes in Australia the UK and US. During his professional career to date, Steve has received a Grammy Nomination and won ARIA awards…

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Richard Lake

Born into a musical family, Richard Lake had the great opportunity of becoming classically trained and educated in music theory, and composition.

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A-Sharp Recording Studio Engineer - Richard Lake
A-Sharp Recording Studio Engineer - Espa


Espa is probably one of the best Rap/Hip Hop Producer/Engineers in Sydney today has an impressive array of International credits including Pharrell Williams, Swidish House Mafia, The Dogg Pound and various other International and National names.

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Nathan Sheehy

A talented, creative and ambitious producer/mixer/engineer, Nathan Sheehy has learned and worked with some of Australia’s best record producers in Sydney’s major studios.

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A-Sharp Recording Studio Engineer - Joe Sharratt

Joe Sharratt

Graduating with a Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Sound Production, being nominated as “Most Outstanding Engineer” , Joe has been recognised by his peers as an incredibly talented producer engineer.

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Daniel Natoli

Daniel believes in the pure genetics of audio; a moment of sound should mystify the most enthusiastic audiophile and capture the heart and mind of a listener.

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International Audio Mix Engineers

A-Sharp Recording Studio Engineer - Cedrick Courtois

Cedrick Courtois (USA)

Although in 1994 having received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Cedrick Courtois’ love and passion for music has lead him to the ESRA Institute in France, where he earned and his Associate’s Degree in Audio Engineering.

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Lukas Rimbach (Germany)

Lukas has been involved with music from his early childhood on successfully playing drums from an early age and has never stopped since. Even in the early years, Lukas worked in studios as both a recording artist on his own and other peoples material as a producer.

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A-Sharp Recording Studio Engineer - Lukas Rimbach
A-Sharp Recording Studio Engineer - Jack Guy

Jack Guy

Richard Jack Guy is a Producer-Engineer-Mixer with more than 20 Years of solid experience in the UK, Europe and Australia.

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