Here at A Sharp Recording Studio we understand that not everyone’s budget is the same; some clients want a Producer/Engineer, others have one, or are a Freelance Producer/Engineer themselves.

We’ve had Recording Artists and Freelance Producer/Engineers that have tracked several songs in a day, or taken days just for the rhythm parts. It’s all down to required results, time available, and budget.

Whatever the project, we’ll try and work within your budget and offer reduced day rates for those looking to book several days.

Studio Hire Rack Rates

Studio Day Rate: $500.00 + GST (10 hours, from 10:00am till 8:00pm)

Studio Half Day Rate: $300.00 + GST (5 hours during the day)

Studio Night Rate: $250.00 + GST (5 hours, from 8:00pm till 1:00am)

What the Rates Include

The above prices include the full use of the studio’s equipment including our Grand Piano, Drum Kit, Snares, Cymbals, Percussion, Guitars, Keyboards and other instruments/amps; there is no extra hidden cost for use of equipment.

A Day is a 10 hour day and starts from 10:00am ’till 8:00pm

For sessions booked for 10 hours that carry-on then an hourly rate will be applied

The ‘Studio’ rates are purely for the studio and include no assistant or engineer. You can hire one of the many Freelance Producer/Mix/Engineers that we know.

Assistant Hourly Rate: $22/hr (for a few hours or a whole day)

Producer Engineer Rates vary from $25 to $60 per hour

Whilst we regularly tune and maintain our Grand Piano, we are able to arrange a tuning prior to your session if critical for the recording. If you so require, an additional cost of $175 will be payable.


Preferential Rates for Freelance Producer/Engineers

We understand this competitive industry of ours so safe to say we offer exceptional prices to Freelance Producer/Engineers looking for a space to track or mix from.  If you need a reliable space with great acoustics and some very good equipment, all a price that helps your work – give us a call.


In-House Producer/Engineer Rates

We have some very talented music producers/audio engineers at A Sharp. We also have several excellent producer/mixer/engineers who use A Sharp for their own work that we can introduce you to. Rates vary from $25 to $60 per hour, depending on the level of the Producer/Engineer, i.e., experience, discography and nominations the producer/engineer has won.


Music Production

As for music production, we don’t know of any engineer that has sat in the chair and never offered advice – but if you need a dedicated producer/engineer, to really evaluate and contribute to your music, then please call us for a chat about finding the best producer for you.


Let’s Have a Chat

If you have a particular question, want to discuss a project or just want to come down and look around, then just call us, or if you prefer, write to us at Music@ASharp.com.au

Studio Phone: 02 9153 9988