March 2015

A Sharp’s Newsletter Issue #003

The man behind the desk this month: Richard LAKE

Richard LAKE in his recording studio“You never have all the gear you want, and never use all the gear you have”. I can’t remember where I first heard this, but it’s one of my favorite quotes dating back to my days at BB Recording Studios in London during the late 90’s. In one session recently a client requested that I place a Neumann 147 tube microphone through a rather interesting signal chain; an AMS Neve 8801 mic-pre, 1176 compressor and finally an EQP-1A to add warmth. It’s on occasions like this I think that we should experiment more with our signal chain and really use the equipment we have to the full!


Anyway, this month seems to have been full of quotes – so just for you, here are a few of them that I have heard…Drummer, Adam Weston (Birds of Tokyo) came out with a great quote one morning when starting his ritual 3 hours practice – “Practice is good, but good practice is better” – a famous quote and very true for those wanting to earn a living out of music.


Producer Steve James (Sex Pistols, Cold Chisel) was down from Byron Bay this month recording 5 Way Addiction at A Sharp. Another great quote – “Sing it as if it’s the last thing you’ll sing”. – That’s for all you singers out there.


Our very own Jeff Cripps – in his classical style came out with another timeless quote:  “Better to have a fence at the top of a cliff than an ambulance at the bottom”


On that note (excuse the pun) I think we’ll leave this month’s expressions…


Back to the newsletter…

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