Did you wonder how the first Steve James Masterclass went?

When someone of Steve James’ reputation says he’d like to spend 3 days showing those who want to record, how to “make a record”, as he calls it; all I could think was great! I’ve worked with Steve several times now, and his approach to recording and session management is inspiring, which only goes to prove why he has the credits he has and why his career has lasted 40 years. Steve feels its time to share his extensive experience with those who really want to learn how to produce. Honestly, he makes it look all so easy and says: “It’s not rocket science.”

Initially Steve suggested inviting The Rumjacks to perform and record their next single … so, when he called and told me that the management, label and The Rumjacks themselves thought it was also a great idea, you can imagine my reaction. “On the back of their recent successful album “Sober and Godless” The Rumjacks wanted to record a new single at the Masterclass – Crazy”. I knew that the 3 days would be brilliant and I wasn’t wrong. In fact it was absolutely amazing.

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The North Shore Synagogue recording at A Sharp Recording Studio

Zvi Teichtahl, Cantor of The North Shore Synagogue contacted A Sharp Recording studios earlier this year in order to record a commemorative CD of music. The idea was for the CD to accompany a book celebrating the 75-year anniversary of the founding of the Synagogue and its community.
“The Book came about to be able to provide current and past members with a trip down memory lane. It has a pictorial and written history of the synagogue, including milestone events and key figures that helped build and create the community that it is. The CD, which will be attached to the back of the book, will reflect the rich musical heritage for which the synagogue has been renowned. It seemed to be a neat way to provide members with an audio presentation whilst reading through the book.”

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Lennox Lust recording with Jye Hannan at A Sharp Studio

Recently, Producer Engineer, Jye Hannan booked out A Sharp Recording Studio to record a great due called Lennox Lust. After the session we caught up with the band and asked a couple of questions.

Describe Lennox Lust in a tweet?
– Quirky, happy and in love.

Why did you decide to have Jye engineer this project?
– We came across Jyes skills at university where we were assembled together to create radio advertisements for the UNI. We were searching for an engineer at the time for a while and found we really liked the way he worked. He seemed highly capable but most importantly he seemed to respect what we wanted and didn’t try to influence us in an unnatural direction.

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Milko Foucault-Larché recording at A Sharp Recording Studios

Famous Mauritian French artist Milko Foucault-Larche recently recorded a charitable album at A Sharp for the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Ceremony this month. We caught up with Milko during the recording session and asked him a few questions about his musical career that has spread from Mauritius to NY and Sydney for a man dubbed as the leading ambassador of French Popular music in Australia.

“I started performing at 18 and landed my first gig with a French Theater Company touring Mauritius singing small parts in French Operettas, 7 shows a week for 3 months. It was fun, but hard work as we would rehearse a show in the afternoon and perform another one in the evening.” This love of Operetta grew Milko explained that lead him to producing his own, which in turn resulted in him working for Mauritian television. “Two years later I produced my first big show, I was only 21 and in charge of a two hour French operetta extravaganza with a chorus of 30, 6 singers. 6 dancers and a 32 piece orchestra and I performed in it.” The road was set and for the next 10 years Milko produced a number of shows, concerts and events and even worked for National Radio.

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Basic Instrument Miking Techniques

A lot of people when they come to A Sharp Recording Studio ask us about our recording techniques and how we get the sound we do. We love drums and are well known for the sound we can achieve but also get outstanding results on all audio sources. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot technical things to think about in order to get that “sound” you an hear in your head, and having an acoustically treated room, great converters and an SSL desk and a couple of Neve 1073’s and other great mic-pres goes a long way.

When recording multiple sources with multiple microphones you’re sure to have phasing issues and frequency cancellation and before we start to record we test phasing by going through the desk and selecting the phase flips to check signal sources.

Anyway we thought that we would publish this little resource about how we mic-up some of the regular instruments we record at A Sharp and the microphones we use.

Enjoy the read…

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Hot News – Tuesday Night – Rehearsal Recording Night at A Sharp

You asked and we make it happen. In the past period we got many request from all of you, asking for special price for reversal at A Sharp Recording Studios. We came up with Tuesday Night – Rehearsal/Recording Night at A Sharp!

From now on, every Tuesdays, 5 hours will be reserved for all of you, who wants to rehearse at A Sharp Studios. We will mic up an record your songs and at the end of your rehearsal session you can take with you .wav files and a guide mix. For a special price of $250!

Promo - Rehearsal and recording night at the studio!

Tuesday Night – Rehearsal Night At A Sharp Recording Studio!