Tom Haeusler

Tom Haeusler

Audio Service – Audio Engineer & Producer

Christine Anu
ReStylin’ Up

Now or Later
Frank Bennett
Five O’Clock Shadow

Public displays of deflection
I’m only looking

No one can break my heart like I can

JC Clarke
Leave the lights on

JC Clarke
The devil inside
Sarah McLeod
Rockys Diner

JC Clarke
All my life


Firmly established in the Sydney music scene with 22 years of playing bass with a solid foundation of production and engineering, Tom, a multi-instrumentalist has recently also dived into the Synth world; experimenting with soundscape and textures to enhance the music.

Transitioning from one ‘side of the glass to the other’, Tom’s natural passage from recording musician to Producer in the ‘Chair’ has resulted over the years in a wheelhouse of preferred genres he enjoys working within, in particular Indie, alternative, blues, folk, pop and rock.

Tom, having worked with a number of up and coming artists has quickly established himself, working in multiple of roles depending on the occasion or project -s Producer, Engineer, Arranger, composer or mixing engineer.

When producing, he likes to focus on pre-production with the artist before the studio and really work the songs creatively with the artist, so as to maximise the studio experience, quality of work and overall journey.

Partial List of Clients and Credits

  • 90ivy – writer/co-production/arrangement/co-engineering
  • Jacks band – writer/producer/engineer/mix
  • Doctor Gibson – Producer/engineer/mix
  • JC Clarke – producer/engineer/mix
  • lucidbloom – writer/producer/mix

Artist Testimonial

The Oh Yeahs:

“Tom Haeusler helped us record and master a track at A Sharp Recording Studios in Riverwood. From the start, Tom impressed us with his professional conduct and expertise. He was very collaborative and always ready to hear what our vision was for the song, letting our ideas breathe and using his knowledge and experience to bring it out into the world. To say we are happy with the end result is an understatement! The flourishes, tiny musical additions he suggested and arrangements he helped coordinate have taken our song from a pub rock set list filler to a professional song that we feel is very marketable and appealing. Thank you Tom!”

J.C Clarke

“Tom is a great studio engineer and producer. Always operating at a professional level, he’s very communicative and has a diverse knowledge of music, recording practices and more, and is also keen to bring ideas to the table without overstepping. 11/10 would recommend.”


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